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Welcome To The Country Bullie

Who We Are And What We do

Welcome to our page! The Country Bullie creates one of a kind repurposed wood signs and personalized home decor items. Each wood piece has a personality and you will never find two identical pieces because our wood is 100% recycled. It is true that none of our signs are sold in stores and when you purchase from us your item is guaranteed to be unique and different from any commercial item, but what really sets us apart from any other business is our mission to give back. In fact, The Country Bullie donates a portion of each sale to a local animal rescue. Look around, send us a message if you have a question or would like to enquire about a custom order. With your purchase you can help us make a difference!

Creative Design

Each piece has its own personality and meaning. Our pieces are different from most repurposed wood signs because they are unique and not mass produced. We don’t use stencils nor stamps and we carefully chose the artwork on each sign. Our pieces are 100% repurposed wood so you’ll have a piece that has lived, that has character and is never perfect. If you are interested in the process or would like to create a sign with us, please send us a message as we will schedule classes in the near future. Come back to visit our page often as we are planning to post some “how to” videos in the future.

Custom Orders

We can create custom signs based on your ideas, needs and measurements. If you would like a family picture transferred on wood or if you have a quote, word or anything with special meaning written on a sign we can do that for you. Our welcome signs can be made with a picture of your dog(s) or cat. We can add names to a design to create the perfect baby shower gift or just the most meaningful and personal memory for a newly wed couple. If you are interested in a custom order please email us directly with your idea to start the process.

We do Care

One and most important purpose of our shop is to give back. To be true to the very special dog who inspired us and who rescued us, we are committed to give back to the local rescues that each day make a difference and save lives. A portion of our sales is donated to 501c organizations to help with vet bills. Helping local rescues with their expenses is vital for their survival and to allow them to continue saving animals in need from our kill shelters. If you are interested in learning more about taking action, making a difference and responsible ownership please come back to our page soon to shop and find links to this information.

The Country Bullie Events Calendar

We love country fairs, local events and fundraisers. We will be present at the listed events on the calendar with our most recent inventory. If you would like to host a private event, a multi-consultant sale or would like to set up an auction event, we are interested in participating. Please contact us directly for availability and details.

Why You Must Buy From Us


This is Texas (aka Tex), he is the inspiration, face and heart of The Country Bullie project. Tex rescued me 9yrs ago. He rescued me from ignorance and gave me love and awareness towards a breed that is often misjudged and mistreated. Tex gave me a voice, he gave me knowledge and the passion and strength to make a difference. The Country Bullie project was born to support rescues that every day do the impossible to save lives. Non-profit organization that every day pull dogs and cats from local kill shelters euthanize lists and paying for never ending vet bills. They work a magic that only seems possible in fairy tales. The Country Bullie project supports local 501c rescues by donating a portion of their sales to cover for vet bills and other needs. The Country Bullie will continue to do so, and do more, by growing with your support. Please visit our   Facebook Page,   like and share us and most of all buy from our inventory or place a custom order. You can help us make a difference.




Our Causes

How to Give Back to Villalobos Rescue Center

We support Villalobos Rescue Center, Please contact us if you want to be part or our next initiative. Thank you.

We Are Their Voices

We are our pets voice! Please stay tuned for our next initiatives to support the 501 rescue centers. Help us to help them.

Do not shop! Adopt.

Give a home to an homeless pet! It will make you feel better and you will have a friend for life! Please stay tuned for our next initiative to support 501 rescue centers. Help us to help them.

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+1 702 866 9138

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9821 Twin Mill Street

Las Vegas, NV

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